Which wrap size to choose

Are you wondering which size to choose? We give you some hints.
If you are very long a bigger wrap size might be better. Also if you like to carry over your winter jacket, or want to knot the FWCC in front instead of at the back.
Remember this are just general hints, all people are different so your mileage may vary.
(Tutorials for some of the carries will be added later. The abbrevations are generally used in the baby carrying community.)

Shirt size XS-S:  wrap size 5
Shirt size M-L: wrap size 6
Shirt size XL+: wrap size 7

Shirt size compliant wrap size, suitable for doing:
FWCC (see our Manual)
Double Hammock
Torso carry
Hüftschlinge (hip carry with a long wrap)

+1 wrap size up
Double Cross

-1 wrap size down

-2 wrap sizes down
Rucksack (see our Manual)

-4 wrap sizes down (ringsling size)
Simple hip carry
Rebozo knot hip carry

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