Wompat Full Buckle SSC, Imagine Eternal Sun


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Wompat Full Buckle SSC, Imagine Eternal Sun

Liinalapsi from Turku in Finland has been making the most wonderful babycarriers using existing baby wraps for many years. With their combination of beautifully cut wrap fabrics and uni-colored straps, signature ‘Wompat-hoodie’ and size differentiation, Liinalapsi is leading the way in well made wrap conversions. Comfort and Elegance in one package.

Using some of the most popular Nona designs, a small number of Full Buckle SSCs have now been produced. We are very happy to present them to you on our website. And we are very interested in hearing what you think about them. Which Nona design would you like to see in a Wompat SSC?

This is the Wompat SSC / Imagine Eternal Sun

For more information on the Imagine Eternal Sun cotton wraps, please follow this link.






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Baby (Size 50 – 86), Medium (Size 86 – 92), Preschool (Size 98 – 110), Toddler (Size 92 – 98)