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Palmae Orchid Island

When spring breaks we all crave for some rays of sunlight. Therefore, we decided to travel somewhere warm and tropical!

Our next Palmae Destination is an island the Tao people call ‘Pongso No Tao’ (Island of the People), while the Taiwanese started calling it Lanyu (Orchid Island) post-WWII, after the flowers that have since been picked to near extinction. A volcanic island covered with a carpet of tropical rainforest, Lanyu lies about 65km southeast of the city of Taitung, making it the southernmost outpost of Taiwan.

Will you join us for this spring break to Orchid Island?

Palmae Orchid Island
100% cotton


Juno Caelestis

Prayers and whispered wishes
To Greek gods, false gods,
Rulers of fictional realms
And still prayers echo
For strength, love, compassion;
You hold Juno in your soul,
She never bowed before mortals.
Nor averted her eyes from Jupiter,
Not when storms thundered
Not when the skies shook
Lift your head, child of time,
Look them all in the eyes
And know that you have a goddess
Coursing through your veins
You are infinite, golden, ageless.
They will write songs about you
And men will weep as you leave

You’ve no need for prayers

Juno Caelestis
100% Cotton

juno caelestis

Palmae Al Khor

Al Khor Island, also known as Purple Island, is an isle of Qatar. The island owes its name to the ancient purple dye producing site that was situated on the island, which existed thousands of years ago. The purple dye was produced from a species of sea snails.

Our Palmae Al Khor Island is rich purple with vibrant pink! Its high contrast makes it spice up every outfit!

Palmae Al Khor Island
100% cotton


Juno Lucina

I am marriage.
Not just a goddess,
I’m their queen.
I am marriage:
the one whom women seek.
I am married.
I should be loved;
but my husband is faithless.

I am Juno,
and many taste my wrath.
I take seriously my vows,
and suffer not fools in my path.
I am Juno,
and I sent Hercules abroad.
I helped Jason in his task,
and by men am I awed.
I am Juno,
and I will not be played the fool.

Juno Lucina
100% cotton