My Nona Woven Wrap feels stiff, why and what to do?

Nona Woven Wraps get a mechanical wash before they are packaged. This wash pre-shrinks the fabric and cleans it. No chemicals are used. Just unpack your Nona and start wrapping.
Because of this mechanical wash your wrap may feel stiff. The way to soften it up is frequent use. You can give a headstart by washing, steam ironing the wrap at both sides, knot it, play tug of war with it and use it as a cushion. Putting it in a dryer also helps, but your wrap may wear out faster.

I found a weaving fault in my wrap, what to do?

In the process of weaving jacquard wraps, weavers knots, double threads, skips and floats may occur. They are only cosmetic flaws, and are no threat to security. If you have a wrap with a flaw, please contact your vendor to discuss how to resolve the situation. Changing, reparation or  a discount might be offered. You take the question up with your vendor, and you vendor will be in touch with Nona Woven Wraps.

dubbele-draad-en-pull-vlak dubbele-draad-vlak

This are tiny flaws.
At the left: pulls that can easily be repaired by distributing the thread across the fabric with the point of a needle.
At the right: a double thread due to starting a weft thread in the weaving proces. You can pull one of the ends out carefully, starting at the beginning of the thick portion, and snip this end off. If you are not sure you can do this succesfully, ask your vendor for advice.

Do you include the points into your measuring?

Some wrap manufacturers include the points of the wrap into their measuring, some don’t. We at Nona Woven Wraps don’t include the points into the measurement of our wraps. We only measure the surface that is used for wrapping and knotting. The points are extra. In this way we ensure that you can wrap safely (not knotting in to the points), and shrinkage is no problem (if it occurs at all).
See Which wrap size to choose for helpful hints to choose the size that’s right for you.

Can I use your wraps or scraps for commercial products?
You are more than welcome to use our fabrics to make anything of your own design. We like you to be creative! And you may sell everything you made from Nona Woven Wraps fabric, as long as you will state clearly that the products are made with fabrics of our brand, and that Nona Woven Wraps has no liability whatsoever for the safety and design of the product you created and sell.