About us

Nona Woven Wraps is founded in 2015, and is the ‘child’ of Musetta Blaauw and Jessica Hummel. We are two Dutch mothers who met through babywearing, and made love for children and wrapping our business.¬†Musetta has a shop with wraps and clothing in Groningen, Jessica (TSD certified) has a baby wearing consultancy practice in Den Haag.
Together with Stefanie Kooij (our vector queen), Wilco Botermans (finances and shipping buff), Moments by Sharmayne (our focussed photographer) and our wonderful retailers we make a dream possible: to provide a stylish and dependable wrap for every budget!

Musetta en JessicaMusetta & Jessica


Nona Woven Wraps VOF
Oosterhaven 10
9723 AP  Groningen
the Netherlands
KvK 63923580


Nona (“ninth”) is the Goddess spinner of the thread of life, and Goddess of pregnancy. She is one of the three Parcae, with Decima and Morta, who were the personifications of destiny. Nona spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. She was called upon by pregnant women in their ninth month when the child was due to be born.